Note for Competitors:

  1. From class 22 – 27, each establishment is restricted to one entry in each class.
  2. Please take note that priority will be given to competitors taking the most gold medals with compulsory minimum 1 Cold Display classes and either Individual Hot Cooking or Team Challenge classes, thereby being eligible for the Most Outstanding Chef Award. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to determine the Most Outstanding Chef Award depending on the overall result.
  3. Malaysia Junior Tiger Cup (Class 22) competitors’ age should not exceed 25 years old.
  4. The Hot Cooking Competition begins at 0700hrs and ends at 1900hrs daily, except for the last day when it will end earlier to cater for final result tally.
  5. No company name / logo should be visible to the judges during competition time. It may be included or placed on uniforms once judging is completed.
  6. Competitors will be provided with identical facilities as far as possible. Each kitchen station will be equipped with a stove with 4 top burners, built-in oven, a sink and a fridge (to share).  More details, if any, will be provided in due course.
  7. Competitors must bring their own plates with length of diameter not more than 32cm. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify the competitor if the rule is not adhered to.
  8. No supplementary equipment will be available. It is the competitor’s responsibility to bring all their required items.
  9. The Organizers will not be responsible for loss or breakage of competitors’ belongings.
  10. Recipe Form required to be written within 30 minutes in the kitchen during competition (classes which have mystery box provided).
  11. Judging will take into account the condition of the kitchen after your turn.
  12. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to revise the schedule of competition.
  13. Competitors of Malaysia Junior Tiger Cup, The MLA Golden Bull Culinary Challenge, Malaysian Avant-garde Cuisine Challenge, Crystal Ice Masterpiece, Fruits Sculpture and Food and Beverage Skills Championship classes who wish to seek Judges’ comments should meet the Judging Team Leader by appointment on the same competition day via the Secretariat at the Organizer’s Office.
Team Challenge
Class 22Malaysia Junior Tiger Cup
Class 23The MLA Golden Bull Culinary Challenge
Class 24Malaysian Avant-garde Cuisine Challenge
Class 25Crystal Ice Masterpiece
Class 26Fruits Sculpture
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