The objective of this competition is to judge and measure the standard of competitor in their techniques and flaring skills and knowledge in preparing a concoction of drink.

Participation is open to a maximum of two (02) service / student personnel per establishment from hotels, restaurants, culinary institutions, airlines, catering companies, Hospitality Universities and colleges.

Instructor / Lecturer / Trainer / Supervisor and above are strictly not allowed to participate.

Establishment logo CANNOT be displayed on the attire worn during the competition.

There are two parts to this competition – creating own Concoction and standard recipe sheet according to Fiche Technique

  • The participant will create his or her own concoction using preferred method.
  • The drink can be refreshing, sweet, sour or tropical using local fruits, spices or herbs.
  • The drink recipe must be at least 15 cl. (150ml)
  • There is no limit to the number of ingredients used.
  • Each bottle for the flair routine must contain at least 3cl of actual alcoholic beverages, syrup and juices used in the recipe.
  • The overall content of the concoction shall not be less than 7cl. (international standard).
  • Spirits/liquor used must be readily available in Malaysia.
  • Dairy products and their substitutes with the exception of fresh milk, cream and eggs are not allowed and homemade, pre-made ingredients, heated ingredient, artificial and colorants, ice cream.
  • Two (02) portions must be prepared simultaneously; one (01) portion for display and one (01) portion to be divided into three (03) equal portions/glasses for the Judges.
  • The concoction must be drinkable.
  • Standard measure for all recipes must be expressed in centiliters (cl).
  • Preparation, presentation and service is limited to five (5) minutes per section.
  • The Organizer will provide a list of approved flavored syrups for use by 1st July 2019. (kindly check Culinaire Malaysia 2019 website –

Each team to prepare:

  • Five (05) sets Fiche Technique (standard recipe) with pictures and detailed method of step-by-step preparation for each food and beverage item on the menu – for Judges reference and to be placed on the display table.
  • Fiche Technique is to be applied using the standard form provided by the Organiser of Culinaire Malaysia. The form can be obtained from
  • Fiche Technique must also be used for cost breakdown for each ingredient used, what is the total cost per portion, total overall cost, recommended selling price per serving & food cost
  • The completed form applying Fiche Technique must be submitted to judges during the briefing session on competition day.
  • Failure to do so or incomplete forms may subject to minimum overall deduction of 10 points from the overall score.

Please be advised all concoction recipes submitted will remain the property of the Culinaire Malaysia 2019

Personal Grooming

  • Grooming standards must always be observed

You are required to bring:

  • All ice bucket, ice tongs, shaker, strainer, cutleries, glassware, serviettes
  • And any other items required for preparation and set up to execute this competition category effectively and efficiently.
  • Participant shall provide his/her own CD and Thumb drive and must be labelled with the name of the participant, song title and track. Participants are encouraged to bring additional backup copies in case their original piece does not work due to unforeseen technical circumstances.
  • There will not be any testing of CD and thumb drive at the competition venue; hence, participants are requested to test prior and to ensure that it is pre-set to start the song/music of their choice. The participant must have an assistant to play the song/music for him/her.
  • Song/music, dance group or other gimmicks are allowed but will not be judged.

Delivery & Clearing Up

  • All items must be delivered by 7.30am or 1pm
  • Team manager and colleagues may assist in unloading to mise en place area only. Strictly no assistance in unpacking the items at competition area.
  • Each team will be given 60 minutes to clear the competition area once the competition is over. Failure to do so will result in deduction of 10 points. The organizer reserves the right to dispose of everything.
  • The organizer will not be responsible for any breakages or losses before, during and after the competition.

The Organiser will provide the following:

Mise en place area with basic equipment on sharing basis

  • Stainless steel working table
  • Chiller
  • Freezer
  • Double tank wash basin
  • Ice cube machine
  • 13 Amp plug point

On stage:

  • One competition table – 6ft x 3ft


Please check online by 1st September 2019

MAH Secretariat will email competition details once registration and payment has been received and finalized.

All team must DO the following:

  • Register two (02) hours before competition time i.e. if competition time is at 9am, registration time is at 7am
  • Briefing one (01) hour before competition time i.e. if competition start at 9am, briefing at competition hall at 8am – 8.15am
  • Moving in of items to competition area immediately after briefing.
  • Attendance is COMPULSORY. Failure to do so will result in deduction of 10 points.


Thursday, 5 September 2019 at 2.30pm at Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Event Site Briefing:

Monday, 23 September 2019 at 1pm at KL Convention Center,

Main Competition Hall


The Judges reserves the right to disqualify the team should any of the following occur:

  • Non-compliance to any part of the competition
  • Use of non-halal items, stale, rotten or expired products in preparation of food and beverage
  • Communicating with external parties during the competition
  • Use of mobile phone and/or devices during the competition
  • Judges’ decision is final

Judging Criteria

Scoring is divided into two categories ie Concoction and Flair with a maximum score of 100 points.

Maximum penalty per category is 10 points.



Taste, colour, concoction name


Aroma, bouquet




Originality & creativity


Appearance, presentation & garnish






Incomplete drink, improper garnish, ingredients, glassware








Technical Flair (Difficulty, technical execution of moves)


Showmanship (Presence, composure, entertaining)


Complete drink, proper garnish, ingredients, glassware


Creative flair (Originality & creativity)


Flow of routine (Smoothness, transition of moves, balance of routine)


Overall performance (Crowd response, bartending skills)




Bottle drops, breaks or spills (deduction 1pt)


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