Class 22 Malaysia Junior Tiger Cup

This category is aimed for today’s modern and refined cuisine in the culinary industry. It was set for a team of young chefs for their innovative and creativity by setting a new benchmark. It comprises of not only cold presentation but also the skills, knowledge, taste of hot practical cooking and overall team efforts for this class.

Open to teams from culinary academy or profession and the participants are trainees, commies or students under 25 years old on the day of competition.

Each team must comprise of four (4) young chefs and one (1) team manager:

  • 4 Young Chefs
  • 1 Team Manager may accompany to the Team. He/she is only allowed to do the announcement in the hot kitchen during serving time and menu set up in the hall.

The dishes have to be prepared completely 100% in the competition kitchen.  To prepare a 3-course set menu with ingredients of minimum 2 types of Asian herbs and spices are encouraged.

Competitors must bring their own plates with length of diameter not more than 32cm.

Teams shall prepare their own ingredients and to cook 3 sets of appetizer, main course and dessert served individually within 2 hours where:

  • 1 set for display and photography
  • 2 set for Judges’ tasting

Preliminary Round

All ingredients (including sauces) will be provided by Organizer.  All pre-prepared ingredients/products or mise-en-place are not allowed to bring into competition kitchen.  All items on plate must be edible.

  • 1 x seafood appetizer
  • 1 x beef main course
  • 1 x dessert

Final Round

All ingredients will be in ‘Mystery Box’.  All pre-prepared ingredients/products or mise-en-place are not allowed to bring into competition kitchen.  All items on plate must be edible.

  • 1 x appetizer
  • 1 x main course
  • 1 x dessert

Competition schedule

Briefing                                : 10 minutes

Recipe and menu writing    : 30 minutes

Live cooking and tasting     : 120 minutes

After live hot cooking begins, by 80 minutes serving the 1st course, follow by every 20 minutes serving the subsequent dishes.  Dessert will be serving at 120 minutes.

Judging Criteria (Class 22)


The punctual delivery of each entry at the appointed time is a matter of urgent necessity. The kitchen jury will determine if the fault of the service if any is the kitchen or service team and recommend any point reductions. The full points will be awarded if service flow smoothly and dishes come out on time from the kitchen. 

5 points


Planned arrangement of materials for trouble-free working and service. Correct utilisation of working time to ensure punctual completion. Clean, proper working methods during the competition will also be judged as are the conditions after leaving the kitchen.

10 points


Clean arrangement, with no artificial garnish and no time consuming arrangements. Exemplary plating to ensure an appetising appearance.

10 points

Correct Professional Preparation

Correct basic preparation of food and hygiene. Preparation should be by practical, acceptable methods that exclude unnecessary ingredients. Appropriate cooking techniques must be applied for all ingredients, including starches and vegetables. Working skill and kitchen organization.

25 points


The typical taste of the food should be preserved. The dish must have appropriate taste and seasoning. In quality, flavour and colour, the dish should conform to today’s standards of nutritional values. Each of the 3 courses can attract a maximum of 100 points (Maximum obtainable is 300 points, with a final divided tally of 100 points for the Hot Cooking). Half points will not be given.

50 points

  • Total possible points: 100 (no half points will be given)
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