Open to teams from hotels, restaurants, culinary institutions, airlines and catering organisations.

Note for Display Classes and Hot Cooking Competitors:

  1. Please take note that these classes are usually filled up even before the closing date. Therefore, even if your Registration Form is received before the closing date, places may have been filled by then.  All entries are subjected to the Organizing Committee’s approval.
  2. Competitors must report to the respective Counter at least 30 minutes before their schedule time. Competitors who did not present at their scheduled time will be considered as no-shows and will be disqualified.
  3. Competitors must provide their own choice of serving china ware (without logo).
  4. The Organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any utensils.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to revise the schedule of competition.
  6. Name cards or logos of the working place of the competitor may be placed in proper manner after judging has been completed.
  7. Once rosette awards are placed beside the displays (approximately one (1) hour), no comments will be given by Judges.
  8. Competitors of Cold Display, Patisserie, Artistic, Butchery Skill and Individual Hot Cooking classes who wish to seek Judges’ comments should meet the Judging Team Leader by appointment on the same competition day via the Secretariat at the Organizer’s Office.

Cold Display and Patisserie Display

  1. The halls for cold displays will only be open from 0300hrs and by 0700hrs all participants are required to leave the hall. Judging begins at 0700hrs for cold displays.
  2. A theme or name and Recipe Form must be placed beside the display exhibits.
  3. Competitors are invited to set up an attractive display, however this will not be judged.
  4. Aspic should be used to glaze all entries with the exception of crisps and baked dough.
  5. Display entries will be exhibited daily and will need to be cleared when the exhibition ends daily at 1800hrs and at 1600hrs on the last day. ONLY Elegance Stylish Wedding Cake (class: 11), Artistic Showpiece (class: 12) and Stylish Buffet Showpiece (class: 14) will be exhibited for all the 4 days of the show and will be collected at 1600hrs on the last day unless deterioration beyond acceptable standards have taken place.
  6. Please take note that no clearing of exhibits will be allowed before closing time (1800hrs daily and 1600hrs on the last day). Competitors who break this rule may have their future participation re-considered.  Removal must be completed by 1830hrs to facilitate table dressing for the following day.  The Organizer reserves the right to dispose of uncollected exhibits.
  7. No power point is provided at the competition area. However, competitors who wish to request power points (240V) must be ordered via MAH and paid for at least two (2) months before the event.  Late order surcharge will apply.  Power point requested during Culinaire Malaysia 2019 will not be entertained.
  8. Table space allotted for display classes: 100cm x 90cm.

Individual Hot Cooking Class

  1. Kitchens for Hot Cooking will open from 0630hrs. The first Hot Cooking session starts at 0700hrs (judging begins at the same time).
  2. Competitors must prepare the Recipe Form for Judges’ perusal during the competition.
  3. Hygiene is paramount.
Individual Class – Cold Display
Class 1Plated Appetizers
Class 2Plate Dishes
Class 3Malaysia 5-Course Platter
Class 4Selection of Tapas
Class 5Modern Chinese 4-Course Set Menu
Class 65-Course Western Set Menu
Class 7Apprentice 4-Course Western Set Menu
Individual Class – Patisserie
Class 8Plated Desserts
Class 9Petit Fours or Pralines
Class 10Freestyle Confectionery
Class 11Elegance Stylish Wedding Cake
Class 12Artistic Showpiece
Class 13Dress the Cake
Individual Class – Artistic
Class 14Stylish Buffet Showpiece
Class 15Ice Breakers
Class 16Creative Fruit and Vegetable Carving
Individual Class – Butchery Skill
Class 17MLA Iron Butcher Chef Challenge
Individual Class – Hot Cooking
Class 18Fish/Seafood Main Course (Western Cuisine)
Class 19Meat/Poultry Main Course (Western Cuisine)
Class 20Apprentice Salmon Main Course (Western Cuisine)
Class 21Malaysian Heritage Cuisine
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