Class 26 Fruits Sculpture

Each team comprises of:

  • 2 Chefs

To carve a minimum 8 (eight) numbers of fruits within the time limit of 90 minutes with competitors’ own preferred design.

Carvings should be more than 50% of the fruit or else are not be considered. There should consists 4 (four) different carving designs.

No pre-slicing or cutting allowed. Glues and needles are prohibited during competition. Other decorative items could be placed on table in prior to enhance end product.

A base to support the complete carving will be allowed and can be prepared 15 minutes in prior. Participants will be given a working table of 180 cm x 90 cm (oblong table).

Minimum compulsory items to be used or should consist of:

Watermelon, honeydew, papaya and carrot.

No adhesive glue is allowed. Display table will be subjected to space availability. Showpiece must be compatible for buffet table.

Judging Criteria (Class 26)

Suitable In Complementing Food Display

As the exhibits are meant to be displayed on a buffet table, they should be designed to complement food display.

20 points

Presentation and General Impression

Depending on material used, the finished exhibit must present a good impression based on aesthetic and ethical principles.

30 points

Technique and Degree of Difficulty

This is judged by the artistry, competence and expert work involved in the execution or preparation of the exhibit.

50 points

  • Total possible points: 100 (no half points will be given)
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