Please check online by 1st September 2019 onwards.

MAH Secretariat will email competition details once registration and payment has been received and finalized.


All teams must DO the following:

  • Register two (02) hours before competition time i.e. if competition time is at 9am, registration time is at 7am
  • Briefing one (01) hour before competition time i.e. if competition start at 9am, briefing at competition hall at 8am – 8.15am
  • Moving in of items to competition area immediately after briefing.



Thursday, 5 September 2019 at 2.30pm at Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Event Site Briefing:

Monday, 23 September 2019 at 1pm at KL Convention Center,

Main Competition Hall

Flavour Syrup

Fiche Technique – Standard Recipe Form

Each team to prepare:

  • Five (05) sets Fiche Technique (standard recipe) with pictures and detailed method of step-by-step preparation for each food and beverage item on the menu – for Judges reference and to be placed on the display table.
  • Fiche Technique is to be applied using the standard form provided by the Organiser of Culinaire Malaysia. The form can be obtained from
  • Fiche Technique must also be used for cost breakdown for each ingredient used, what is the total cost per portion, total overall cost, recommended selling price per serving & food cost
  • The completed form applying Fiche Technique must be submitted to judges during the briefing session on competition day.
  • Failure to do so or incomplete forms may subject to minimum overall deduction of 10 points from the overall score.

F&B Team Skills Challenge
Class 27Asian Tapas – Professional Team
Class 28Asian Tapas – Junior Team
Class 29Asian Theme – Professional Team
Class 30Asian Theme – Junior Team
Class 31Tea & Pastries – Professional Team
Class 32Tea & Pastries – Junior Team
F&B Individual Challenge
Class 33Fruits Caramelisation – Professional
Class 34Fruits Caramelisation – Junior
Class 35Mixology – Flair Tending
Class 36Mixology – Cocktail
Class 37Mixology – Mocktail
Class 38Barista Championship
Class 39Latte Art Championship

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