Class 25 Crystal Ice Masterpiece

A platform to set new benchmark for professional Artistry Chef (Ice Carver) and allowing them to show their creative ideas.

To showcase the strength of each participating team of their team skills as well as their carving techniques and creativity.

Each team comprises of:

  • 2 Artist Chefs

To execute an ice carving showpiece within 120 minutes of competitors’ own preferred design.

Each competitor will be provided with 3 blocks of ice measuring 120cm x 50cm x 30cm. No replacement if there is breakage.

Ice carving should consist 2 different artwork and must show skills of attaching ice. Competitors will have to provide their own tools. Welding with dry ice is allowed, but must be provided by the participants.

Electrical tools are allowed. A standard 240w power point will be provided. Competitors are to bring their extension cord. No coloring of the ice is allowed.

In order to be judged, sculptures must remain standing until the judging process is completed, in which it may take up to approximately 30 minutes.

Safety measures:

  • Each participant is responsible for his or her own safety as well as safety of other competitors and the general public.
  • All participants are also responsible for the safety of their sculptures.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove any sculptures which his/her determines to be a safety hazard.

Judging Criteria (Class 25)

Technical Skill



10 points

Attention to details

10 points

Finished appearance

10 points

Structural techniques

10 points

Design Composition


Proportion or symmetry

10 points

Design and composition

10 points

Artistic Impression

15 points


25 points


  • Total possible points: 100 (no half points will be given)
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