Class 17 MLA Iron Butcher Chef Challenge

Professional Butchery is becoming a dying profession in our foodservice industry.  Thus, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has placed initiatives to refresh and develop skilful and knowledgeable young butcher chefs in the future.

This MLA Butchery Competition will encourage and set a new platform to promote the butchery profession and to support the foodservice industry.

The participant must be a butcher chef who has at least 3 years’ experience in butchery.


  1. The participant must possess knowledge to demonstrate the safety use of knife skills.
  2. The participant must bring along his/her own set of sharp knives and sharpening rod/steel to the competition.
  3. The participant is compulsory to wear the provided chef uniform and apron by MLA during the competition.
  4. The participant is not allowed to bring in any personal belonging to the competition except his/her set of knives and sharpening rod/steel.
  5. Labeling to be provided by the participant.
  6. Prior to the competition, it is compulsory for the participant to sign the indemnity form to indemnify MLA, MAH, its Organizing Committee and Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre of any liability in the event of unforeseen circumstances and accident.
  7. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to revise the schedule of competition.

Preparation and Presentation

  1. Participant has to be creative to display and label the cuts within 90 minutes.
  2. Participant must be able to demonstrate by breaking up of a lamb carcass or primal beef and primal lamb into primal and different cuts and ideas within the given time frame that is applicable to foodservice.
  3. Besides creativity, innovation and practicality, boning and value-adding with good hygienic practices will be highly considered during judging.
  4. Spices will be provided for value added products such as for marination, roasting, stir-fry, etc.

Judging Criteria (Class 17)


Ideas for Value-adding (Marinating)

10 points

Cuts Applicable to Food Service

10 points

Cleaning Muscles Separation

10 points

Work Completed On Time

10 points

Sharp Knives, Clean Work Station and Good Hygiene Practices

20 points

Preparation and Boning of Primal Lamb and Beef Cuts

20 points

Wastage Minimized

20 points

  • Total possible points: 100 (no half points will be given)
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